"For example, telling the other individual if something is wrong, if they feel like they are being noticed, if they feel like they don't see the other individual because they might not be real. Maybe I'm not real either. Maybe I still have so much that I'm hiding from myself, that I don't even know what I'm hiding because it's just buried so deep that I can't even see it yet. It's often not intentional that I behave this way or that way in front of you, because I don't even realise that there's still a huge pile in front of me that I can't even see yet, because there's a matrix wall somewhere in front of me that shows me something that isn't true. A green screen wall, like at NASA, right? NASA, they do it on board and show that I'm in front of a sphere. That's the model we have in the world."
10 lire from 1999

The 10 lire coin of 1999 shows a plane earth, the ancient land is the true known land, because in ancient times there was only truth, human beings knew nothing but truth and they were aware that otherwise they would destroy themselves.
Another characteristic of this is that the 10 lire coin was made of only pure material. An alloy and a coating represent an impurity and a deception.

Slavic/Wendish mythology tells us that in the beginning there was nothing but the primordial sea, in which the swan Swantewit was swimming. Because he felt lonely, he brought his shadow to life in the sea. Swantewit became Swarog and Weles. Swarog ruled over the surface of the sea, while Weles was at home in the depths of the sea. Since there was no land yet, Swarog asked Weles to bring up some sea floor to create land from it. Weles collected the sea floor by saying ‘With Swarog's and my power’, but secretly put some sea floor in his mouth with the intention of founding his own land. However, when he came to the surface and the land became more and more, the seabed in Weles' mouth also became more and more, so that he had to spit it out. This is how the mountains were created.
This is a motorized gyroscope..
Gyroscopes are used in navigation because they hold their position in 3d space and allow instrumentation to use them as a static platform to reference original position..
If you spin this up and set it on a table for 24 hours it will remain perfectly aligned to the position in which it was first spun up..
Why is this a big deal?
Very simply, if the earth were actually moving or rotating, this device would demonstrate apparent deviation.. turning a complete revolution in a 24 hour period..
The fact that it doesn’t is proof positive that earth itself is static and doesn’t move or rotate..
I’ve left a very short video showing the properties of this gyro..
I still see this meme being put out there so I’ll take the time to explain once again..
Celestial objects decrease in apparent angle at
1° per every 69 miles you travel away from them..
So if we start directly below Polaris,
Which would be 90° above our head and travel away from it it will disappear over the horizon at 6,210 miles..
90 x69 =6,210 miles….
The distance from the North Pole to the median path of the Sun, also known as the equator, is 6,215 miles..
I’m really not sure why this is hard for Heliocentric people to understand..
this information is readily available for all who seek it…
But the purpose of this meme has nothing to do with learning and everything to do with deception…
Media is too big
It simply hurts me when I read a children's book and recognise the deep manipulation in it. So now imagine that you are a human being who feels very connected to children. How does it feel for you to bear such an enormous responsibility? I cannot justify telling a growing being something that I know is not true, and that's how it was for this astronot.