Why do we live in an egocentric world?

Because we have not been told that we live at eye level, but have been persuaded that we live on a sphere in which everyone can be "elevated" above the others.

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How do we know what an atom looks like if all we see under the electron beam microscope is a "cloud"?
We put the sun at the centre to believe that everything is love and light, but there is more than that, and if we ignore that, it will not be easy to walk in the darkness.
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"For example, telling the other individual if something is wrong, if they feel like they are being noticed, if they feel like they don't see the other individual because they might not be real. Maybe I'm not real either. Maybe I still have so much that I'm hiding from myself, that I don't even know what I'm hiding because it's just buried so deep that I can't even see it yet. It's often not intentional that I behave this way or that way in front of you, because I don't even realise that there's still a huge pile in front of me that I can't even see yet, because there's a matrix wall somewhere in front of me that shows me something that isn't true. A green screen wall, like at NASA, right? NASA, they do it on board and show that I'm in front of a sphere. That's the model we have in the world."
10 lire from 1999

The 10 lire coin of 1999 shows a plane earth, the ancient land is the true known land, because in ancient times there was only truth, human beings knew nothing but truth and they were aware that otherwise they would destroy themselves.
Another characteristic of this is that the 10 lire coin was made of only pure material. An alloy and a coating represent an impurity and a deception.